Pinellas county housing authority
Pinellas county housing authority

Applicant Briefing

Your family has applied for our Housing Choice Voucher waiting list. You were approved, your status active, and now your name has come to the top of our waiting list.

Welcome to the Applicant Briefing Phase.

Beginning April 1, 2020 If your family has been contacted by e-mail or phone and the Pinellas County Housing Authority has notified your family that they are now eligible to receive a Housing Choice Voucher must do the following:

  1. Watch the 18 minute Briefing video for New Housing Choice Voucher participants.
  2. Read and verify that you understand the Applicant Briefing Packet.
  3. Sign Housing Choice Voucher Briefing Certification.
  4. Sign all Eligibility forms for your Initial Briefing Packet.

Part 1: As an eligible applicant we need you to watch this Nan McKay video that describes in detail what is next in your application process. Haga clic aquí para el español del video de Nan McKay Solicitante.

Part 2: Thank you for watching the video. Now you must read and verify your Applicant Briefing Packet.

Click here to open the Applicant Briefing Packet


Part 3: So far so good! Please review and sign the Housing Choice Voucher Briefing Certification Form.



Part 4: The last step is for you to review and sign all the eligibility forms on the Applicant Briefing Signature Packet..

Click here to open the Applicant Briefing Signature Packet


It’s all done. Now you need to get all that information back to us. Please send it either by…

Fax 727.489.0795
Postal Mail Briefings
c/o Pinellas County Housing Authority
11479 Ulmerton Road
Largo, FL 33778