Pinellas county housing authority
Pinellas county housing authority


Ray DiRusso, Director of Compliance and Development Services

The Compliance Department is charged with promoting integrity, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness throughout Pinellas County Housing Authority’s programs and operations. PCHA is committed to eliminating fraud and recovering resources lost by fraudulent activity by residents, clients, landlords and suppliers, and encourages the reporting of suspected fraud.

You may report suspected fraud in the following ways:

Report Fraud

Telephone: You can report fraud by calling the PCHA Fraud Hotline (727) 489-0776 during the business day.  Your call will be strictly confidential.

In Person: You can visit out office at 11479 Ulmerton Road, FL and report suspected fraud. You will not be required to identify yourself.

Email: You can report suspected fraud via email by clicking on the Report Fraud button on our home page.

When reporting suspected fraud please provide as much information as possible. Helpful information includes the participant’s:

• Name
• Address with unit number and zip code
• Brief explanation of the alleged fraud

PCHA will not tolerate intentional false reporting to endanger a family’s subsidized housing. False reporting may violate state criminal statues and civil defamation laws.

The compliance department is also responsible for procurement and contracting.

Working with PCHA offers new opportunities to use your know-how, develop new markets, and expand existing ones. When you work with PCHA, you’ll be working with one of the top housing authorities in the nation.

This Department procures a wide variety of materials, supplies, equipment, construction and professional services for all agency programs to insure their continued successful operation. The department conducts all procurement activity and contract administration in full compliance with the Federal standards as stated in 24 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 85.36, and the Housing Authority’s Procurement Policy.