Pinellas county housing authority
Pinellas county housing authority

Authentic Family Atmosphere is at the Heart of the Magnolia Gardens Assisted Living Facility

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – A recent visit to Magnolia Gardens, an affordable luxury assisted living facility in Pinellas Park, revealed how a true family atmosphere for the elderly or young provides exceptional home health services. Owned and operated by the Pinellas County Housing Authority, its approach to caring for its gracefully- aging residents is different and better than what is found in corporate-owned facilities, according to Lisa Elliott, the facility’s administrator.

“Because we are owned and operated by the non-profit Pinellas County Housing Authority, everyone is genuinely treated like family with no cutting corners. We have daily and weekly activities and exercise options for all residents to constantly nourish their minds and bodies,” Elliott said. For residents needing home health services and rehab, Magnolia Gardens Assisted Living is the perfect place to be. All leases for Magnolia Gardens’ private studio or one-bedroom apartments are month-to-month, so residents ages 60 years or older can stay as long or little as they need to. There is no long-term commitment required. And the rates are all inclusive, with no hidden fees.

“Residents are able to select any home health care provider of their choice. We have several home health agencies that come into our community to provide skilled nursing, rehabilitation services and home health aides. Some of the providers include Nurse on Call, Trilogy and Baycare Home Care. In addition, Nurse on Call has a presence in our community on a daily basis and assists residents in our on-site rehabilitation therapy center. Our therapy center has specialized equipment to help residents overcome barriers. Having the ability to allow different providers into our community means that our residents can choose the best care for their individual needs,” Elliott explained.

Health care services provided include speech therapy, skilled nursing, psych nursing, physical and occupational therapy.

Another unique feature of Magnolia Gardens is its whole-house generator. Every studio and one-bedroom apartment is consistently supplied power to maintain oxygen services, lighting and temperature without interruption due to inclement weather or storms, and other health risk factors such as the use of cords. According to Elliott, you can’t even tell when the power switches over to the generator.

Irma “Mimi” Davis is a one-year resident at Magnolia Gardens. When asked her age, she chuckled, “I’m 30-something.” She came from the Monterey area of California after suffering a minor stroke. The muscles in one of her legs was permanently damaged. “I was recommended by friends to come to Magnolia Gardens,” she said. “They said it would be the best place for me.”

Barbara Penny getting a good cardio workout using the recumbent bike at Magnolia Gardens

Barbara Penny getting a good cardio workout using the recumbent bike at Magnolia Gardens

Ms. Davis has been participating in physical and occupational therapy for nine months. “They’ve taught me how to get out of bed and into a wheelchair. They’ve helped me learn how to use a walker. Lisa Elliott, the administrator – she’s my angel. She helped me with insurance issues and she ensures I get all the help I need, including with the doctor who always grants me my request if I want more therapy. Lisa is very professional. I have great respect for her. Because of her, I’m 30-something!”

Patricia Maloney-Bernstein has lived at Magnolia Gardens for over two years. She suffered a medical wound on her foot and is still working on her ability to stay balanced. “Mark, the nurse, sees me on a regular basis and he’s terrific. He’s just a very caring nurse,” she said.

When asked what else she likes about Magnolia Gardens, she replied, “It’s spotlessly clean. And the food is good.”

Magnolia Gardens Assisted Living Facility prides itself on its chef-prepared cuisine served seven days a week.

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