Pinellas county housing authority
Pinellas county housing authority

HUD Awards PCHA Funding to Continue Programs for Resident Education, Training and Employment

On Friday, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded Florida $3,163,472 in grants to help public and assisted housing residents connect with local services to obtain education and training to find jobs.  The Pinellas County Housing Authority (PCHA) was selected as one of the awardees.  Funding from the grants will be used to continue the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program for public housing residents and Housing Choice Voucher program participants.

The FSS service coordinators, retained or hired through both of these programs, work directly with residents to connect them with local organizations that provide education, job training and job placement opportunities; as well as childcare, counseling, transportation, and computer and financial literacy services available in their community. Both programs encourage innovative strategies that link public housing and Housing Choice Voucher assistance with other resources to enable participating families to find employment; increase earned income; reduce or eliminate the need for rental and/or welfare assistance; and make progress toward achieving economic independence and housing self-sufficiency.

This is wonderful news for both PCHA and the residents that are currently enrolled in each of the programs.  In Friday’s Press Release to announce the funding, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan stated “this funding ultimately links individuals to childcare, computer access, job training and other basic skills individuals need to compete for jobs that pay a living wage.  To continue to grow America’s economy, we must see to it that every American has the skills and resources they need to become gainfully employed.”

Regina Booker, Director of Resident Services and Programs, said “the funding allows us to pay two full-time coordinators to work with residents in setting goals, and connecting them with local education and training opportunities, job placement organizations, and local employers”.

As PCHA proceeds forward with the goals established by its Board of Commissioners, Increasing Services to Promote Self-Sufficiency remains a top priority. 

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