Pinellas county housing authority
Pinellas county housing authority

PCHA Partners for Employability Skills Training and Job-Readiness and Placement Program for Low-Income Families

The Pinellas County Housing Authority has implemented a program for residents and participants of PCHA’s programs to enhance employability skills and opportunity as well as develop valuable professional skills.

PCHA has contracted with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Family Center (NFC), and Greater Ridgecrest Area Youth Development Initiative (GRAYDI), to implement the new program.  The programs are designed to provide residents with employability skills training, as well as personal and professional development, with the end goal of job placement.R I S E  Training Flyer (2)

Participants in the program will learn better positive decision making skills, time management, critical thinking, along with social skills like how to network. The program offers training on how to write a resume, effective techniques for interviews, and job-searching methods. Help with programs like Microsoft Office and Outlook is also available. Each individual will be assigned a mentor who is available for mock-interviews and one-on-one advising. Mentors will also provide motivation, guidance, and are expected to follow-up with program participants during the first weeks of employment. The program also incentivizes employment by rewarding milestones with useful bonuses like bus passes, and gas cards.

All participants in PCHA’s Housing Choice Voucher program and residents of PCHA’s public housing and Norton Apartments are eligible to participate.