Pinellas county housing authority
Pinellas county housing authority

PCHA Receives Awards at Statewide Housing Conference

The Florida Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (FAHRO) recently awarded the PCHA with a 2010 Best Practices Award for Implementing Green Initiatives. Since 2009 when PCHA’s Board of Commissioners committed to becoming more environmentally conscious by incorporating “Implementing Green Initiatives” as part of the agency’s 5-year Strategic Plan, the PCHA has been actively seeking ways to implement energy efficiency standards and other “green” efforts to reduce the agency’s environmental footprint.

Highlights over the last year:

  • PCHA received a Green Business Partnership certification by Pinellas County, Florida in June 2010 for a voluntary assessment that recognizes businesses for their environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. The partnership encourages conservation of resources, waste reduction, energy conservation and cost savings.
  • A “Green Procurement Policy” was adopted by the Board of Commissioners on the May 26, 2010 Board meeting encouraging purchases of products and services that will minimize any negative environmental impacts of agency’s work. PCHA will support its environmental commitment through this new policy.
  • PCHA became a member of the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) in May 2010. The FGBC continues to lead efforts to promote green building and sustainable development in Florida.
  • Employees of PCHA are taking action in this green initiative learning. PCHA staff completed a twelve week National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s Green Remodeling Education course in March 2010. In addition, ten employees received University of Florida’s Green Advantage certification.
  • PCHA approached Progress Energy and Tampa Electric (TECO) and requested energy inspections at each of the public and affordable housing properties under the agency’s jurisdiction. Both electric companies sent inspectors who determined improvements that would help save on tenant energy bills, repair costs on equipment and ultimately, protect the environment. All improvements were completed and much of the cost was paid for by the energy companies with little or no cost to PCHA.

The implementation of green initiatives is part of PCHA’s overall goal of maintaining quality housing for its residents while furthering its commitment to a sustainable future. PCHA’s green initiatives encourage conservation of resources, waste reduction, energy conservation and cost savings. Energy savings will continue for both the Authority and residents.

In July, the PCHA was nationally recognized by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) for an Award of Merit in Housing and Community Development for Energy Efficiency and Going Green Implementation.

About Pinellas County Housing Authority (PCHA):

Formed in 1965 and governed by a five member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Governor of the State of Florida, the Pinellas County Housing Authority (PCHA) provides housing and rental assistance to a total of more than 4,500 families in Pinellas County. The authority is proud to be rated by HUD as a “High Performing” agency. More information about the authority’s programs and services can be found at

About Florida Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (FAHRO):

FAHRO was established nearly 70 years ago as a means of exchanging information for the purpose of improving low income and affordable housing and community services. Since then, FAHRO has grown to represent more than 200 housing agencies, community development agencies, and associate members who work together to ensure that all of Florida’s citizens have clean, safe, and sanitary housing. More information about FAHRO can be found at